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Chennai Office: 9626199099
Madurai Office: 9626199099
Is it mandatory to register for booking my tickets online?
  1. No. However to avail few of our special schemes like Lucky Seat, Loyalty points etc., it is highly beneficial to be our registered customer.
  2. Alternatively you may use your Google id or Facebook id to login.
What is the maximum no of tickets I can book online?

A maximum of 5 tickets on one account can be booked at one time.

I need help in booking online tickets. What should I do?

You may call our customer care number. They will be happy to book your ticket online for no extra cost.

After landing in to Payment gateway page, I get page cannot be displayed screen. What should I do?

Please try again and carefully read the instructions on the page prior to proceeding payment gateway. If you encounter similar challenge with repeated attempts, please be in touch with our customer care. We will be happy to help.

Can I use mobile SMS as ticket? Do I need print of the ticket?

Yes. Mobile SMS can be used as ticket.

My ticket is booked, but I did not get an email or SMS. What should I do?
  1. If you have logged in during the booking process, go to booking history and print the ticket.
  2. Alternatively you can be in touch with our customer care.
Is it mandatory that the owner of the credit/debit card used for purchasing tickets need to be one of the passengers?


What is the cancellation policy?
  1. 24 hours before Departure 10% cancellation Charges.
  2. Between 12 hours & 3hours before Departure 25% cancellation charges.
  3. Between 3Hours & 2Hours Before Departure 50% cancellation Charges.
  4. Last 2 Hours Before Departure No Cancellation.
How can I cancel my bus ticket online?

Please get in touch with our customer care with your booking details.

What is the refund timeline in case of online cancellation?
  1. If booked via Credit card; about 7 days.
  2. If booked via Debit card; about 10 days.
  3. If booked via Internet Net Banking service; about 10 days.