Limousine Transit
Hard copy of Limousine E-Ticket is not necessary for boarding.
You can also go with your Limousine M-Ticket(Mobile)

"Welcome to a world without passengers"

        Welcome to Limousine Transit, where you are made to feel like an honored guest and not just a passenger.At Limousine, a bus is not a journey between two terminals but an experience of a lifetime.

          As Limousine takes off into the domestic routes, you can expect a world-class experience. Every Limousine bus meets the global standards that I have set in terms of safety and performance. Our brand-new fleet incorporates the latest technology and each bus is fitted with a personalized in-bus entertainment system and top quality programming content for your viewing and listening pleasure, and to create an environment that you will truly cherish.

          In our bus, you will be delighted by the various sensory experiences on offer - from tantalizing aromas of world cuisine to the magic touch of your personal pushback seat - we really have thought about every little thing that will exhilarate you.